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Over the last 12 years we’ve seen some tough Alberta weather. Through good and bad conditions, we know what it takes to constantly deliver curb appeal and safety to our customers.

Why Solstice?

We are experienced in our field. Often the value our customers see in us is not strictly about maintaining the property’s landscape maintenance. At Solstice, we aim to build trust and long lasting relationships with our customers through hard work and service.


We have invested in equipment, technology and processes to get the job done. From beautifying in the summer to clearing clearing dangerous hazards in the winter. At Solstice don’t just show up when it’s easy. We show up when it is hard.

Family Business

Solstice is a family operated commercial landscape maintenance company in Edmonton. We specialize in commercial snow removal and landscape maintenance. We are proud to be able to serve Edmonton for the past 12 years.

12 years later, we are still a happy family.


Over the last 12 years number of years, I have worked with Sarah [sic] and her team on several multi-family condominiums for Lawn and Snow Removal Service…

The attention to detail, reliability and eagerness to provide a quality service have been invaluable service to us…[.]

As a property manager, I know that Solstice Landscape will provide prompt and professional service and is always open in areas where service can be improved.

I have complete confidence in Solstice Landscape and recommend them to anyone seeking their services.

Alex Zovighain – Condominium Manager, KDM Management Inc. (2020)

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Winter Services

We don’t just show up when it snows. Our crews are onsite whenever conditions change, inspecting for melting and freezing cycles that produce icy slip and fall hazards.

Sidewalk Snow Removal & Sanding

Our track record on managing winter sidewalks speaks for itself. We make it safe for pedestrians on walkways. We carry liability insurance, WCB and constantly exceeds all city bylaws and standards.


Sanding boxes for doorways. Sand on walkways and parking lots. We provide safety through traction.

Parking Lot Push, Pile & Remove

Seasonal maintenance or call out support. We push, pile and remove snow in parking lots.

Bobcat Services

We offer a variety of winter bobcat services including snow removal.

We have invested in necessary equipment and crews to do the work efficiently. In winter, your sidewalks will be cleaned to the pavement. Ice will be removed. We don’t just show up when it snows. Our crews are onsite whenever conditions change, inspecting for melting and freezing cycles that produce icy slip and fall conditions. We also look after your parking lots, on an on call basis, or as part of our contract.

We are set up to be there quickly to ensure safety. We sand, scrape, use pet friendly ice melt to help prevent slips due to icy conditions. You want an experienced company that makes sure safety is the first priority on site and for a worry and hastle free experiecne.


I have worked closely alongside Solstice through large and small projects, and reliably Solstice offered better than competitive pricing, timely responses, with continual [sic] project updates. Solstice will go beyond to report any unrelated deficiency with detail for the betterment of the properties and without a doubt are accountable to their workmanship…

…I highly recommend Solstice Landscape Maintenance without reservation.

Christine O’ Flaherty
Maintenance Manager, MMG – Mayfield Management Group Ltd.

Let’s work together.

Summer Services

Alberta’s short summer months mean proper maintenance is critical to strong curb appeal for residents and owners.

Our summer work is done with an eye towards curb appeal. We ensure your building looks great. We realize that renters and owners want a building that looks well maintained and is an attractive place to live. A well cared for building plays a role in perceived building value, resident safety and reduces petty crime like vandalism.

Building owners need to know their investment is being looked after. Property managers want to be confident the work is being done to high standards. Solstice Landscape has a proven track record. Our goal is to make sure your building grounds are well maintained, with no effort and worry on your part.

Lawn Maintenance

Our lawn maintenance season runs May through October but is often part of a seasonal plan. We clear debris and garbage from the lawn area and maintain the grass throughout the summer season.

Spring & Fall Clean-up

Spring cleaning is part of a fresh start to enjoying time outside after a long winter. We clear the lawn areas, rock, landscaping and all common areas of debris, leaves or general garbage. Edge overgrowth from tee wells and sidewalks. Stir up soil in flower beds.

Hedge & Tree Trimming

We can work with the needs of each property. From specific trees to general seasonal maintenance of planted landscapes. We clear leaves and debris each time we visit.

Fertilizing & Weed Control

We partner with licensed professionals to provide a safe and cost effective program for your property today and for the future.

Fall Clean-up

Part of a healthy spring is getting a property ready for the winter. We clear any debris including all the leaves from Edmonton’s famous Elm trees. We do a final cut and trim to finish the job.


Over time properties need a lift. Sod repair, seasonal planting, upgrading or adding trees and bushes. Talk to us about your goals and lets put a plan together, we can help.

“Over the past few years I have come to trust [Solstice] to make sure all work is done, whether its winter snow removal or proper lawn care. There has been several occasions where we needed a favor from [them and they have] always responded positively and helped us out.”

Marty McGovern – Maintenance Manager
MMG – Mayfield Management Group Ltd.

Let’s make something beautiful together.


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